Diagram navigation

There are several ways that you can navigate a collection of diagrams, using keyboard shortcuts or by double-clicking diagram elements.

Keyboard shortcuts

When no elements are selected on a diagram, you can use the left and right arrow keys to move to the previous and next diagrams respectively.

Double-clicking elements

You can double-click diagram elements to either "zoom-in" and navigate to the next level in the hierarchy, or open the resource that is configured by the element's url property.

A summary of navigating diagrams by double-clicking elements


Elements with a zoom-in are marked with a + symbol.

  • Software System: Double-clicking a software system will either take you to the System Context or Container diagram for that software system, if one exists.
  • Container: Double-clicking a container will take you to the first Component diagram for that container, if one exists.


If no "zoom-in" is available for the selected element, double-clicking that element will take you to the linked resource that has been specified via the element's url property. This is indicated by a # symbol.

If an element has both a "zoom-in" and a hyperlink set (+#), double-clicking the element will zoom-in, and double-clicking with the Alt key pressed will open the hyperlink.

Double-clicking relationships

You can double-click relationships (in the diagram viewer, not the diagram editor) to open the resource that is configured by the relationship's url property. This is indicated by a # symbol.