Exporting diagrams

Structurizr allows you to export your software architecture diagrams as 300dpi PNG files (which are suitable for using in documents, presentations and printing), SVG, and a single HTML page for offline use.

This feature will not work if popups are blocked, so please ensure that popups are allowed for *.structurizr.com in your web browser. There is a known issue with this feature on the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, where the font in the exported PNG file is incorrect.

PNG export

When viewing a diagram*, click the button to open the export dialog. From here, you can choose which diagrams to export, whether to include the diagram metadata (title, description, last modified date and branding logo), and whether to crop the resulting image.

* in Structurizr Express the diagram is immediately exported

Simple SVG export

When viewing a diagram, click the button to export the current diagram and key/legend to SVG.