A software architecture sketch

Have you abandoned UML and switched back to ad hoc "boxes and lines"?

A software architecture sketch

Do your software architecture diagrams never match the code?

A software architecture sketch

Do your software architecture diagrams get out of date quickly?

An automatically generated UML class diagram

Do you feel overwhelmed by automatically generated diagrams?

Structurizr is a collection of tooling to help you visualise, document and explore your software architecture.


Create software architecture diagrams using code, using static analysis and reflection, and keep them up to date with integration into your continuous build environment. diagrams


Supplement the software architecture model with lightweight documentation written using Markdown or AsciiDoc.

Structurizr documentation screenshot


Explore the software architecture model to better understand it and keep your code well-structured.

Component dependencies

A good set of software architecture diagrams and documentation is essential to create a shared vision, both during up front design, and retrospectively for an existing codebase. This is especially important for ongoing maintenance and when new team members join the team. See the About page for more information about the concepts behind Structurizr, and the Compare page for a comparison between Structurizr and other types of tools.


Share your software architecture models in public, or with selected people in private, using a role-based security model.


Embed your software architecture diagrams in web pages or wikis, using HTML or our Atlassian Confluence macros.


For additional security, store your data on the cloud using client-side encryption, or behind your corporate firewall using the on-premises API.